Up and Down the Sand Dunes – Dubai, UAE

Dubai, a famous emirate of UAE is not only known for its world class skyscrapers Burj Khalifa but also for its fine sand dunes. One should never pass the chance of going on a desert safari in Dubai. Aboard a 4×4 vehicle, this arabian desert will take you for an exhilarating ride.

Desert safari is offered whole year round, but the best time to go on one is between the months of November to December.

There are a lot of tour companies that offer this service, but no need to fuss as the adrenaline rush is the same regardless which company you go with. Reserving is pretty straightforward, either you book online or call them.

Your designated 4×4 vehicle will pick you up from your hotel, bring you to the dunes and back – the whole tour would roughly last 6 hours. The car will run up, down and even sideways along the dunes – more like a roller coaster ride! It will slow down and pull up to give you a chance to capture the impressive sunset.

The tour also includes barbeque dinner in Bedouin campsite – the local’s traditional tent. At the tent some of the complimentary services the tour provide are camel ride, henna tattoo, trying on a traditional costume and belly dance show.

Tip #1 Ensure you didn’t have a heavy meal before the tour – usually starts at 3pm, you might feel nauseous due to the up and down motion of the ride. Light snack is advisable though as dinner will only be at around 7:00pm.

Tip #2 You will have the opportunity to get out of the car and feel the sands beneath your feet so it is better to wear sandals or flip flops as the sands are so fine it easily gets inside your shoes.

Tip #3 Avoid tourist traps such as buying souvenirs at the campsite (i.e. colored sand in a bottle), it is very pricey and are available in malls where quality is better.

Tip #4 Get tour operators that has been in the business for years. Their services were already tried and tested.

For tour rates and booking, you make check the following tour operators:
Arabian Adventure
- Lama Tours
Desert Safari Dubai