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Being full time in the corporate world doesn’t mean there’s not enough time to travel and explore the world. We feel that with careful planning and time management anyone can have a great time beyond the borders of your workstations. We love to share our occasional travels, adventures and food trips through this site. Also let’s not forget, Just like anyone else, we also have times that we have to look into our budget curbs but this didn’t hinder us to have fun. Indeed, nothing can stop our wandering feet and keeping our lively souls in action!

Do what they love and love what they do

Cherry Pile


Obsessed with planning and researching informations needed before travelling. A corporate employee by day – travel blogger wannabe by night! If not in front of a computer, can easily be found in the kitchen whisking a savory meal.

Kristine Molera


Athletic and a very outdoorsy person. Loves DIYs, arts and crafts, coffee and…TRAVELLING! Believes that food is the only thing that arouses all senses and imprints wonderful memories of a place. So, on travels, top of must do list is to sample local foods.

Cherry Pile


A web/mobile developer whose first love is coding.  Finds travel photography as supplement for his sedentary lifestyle and quickly became passionate about it. ‘ Goal: To find the sweet spot marrying passion, talent and opportunity and share to other people with the same passion in travelling.

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