Sights, Sounds and Street Foods of Dotonbori – Osaka, Japan

First thing that comes to mind when you think of Osaka is… FOOOOOD! There’s no better way to have a taste of authentic Japanese street food in Osaka than in Dotonbori street.

I did a lot of research before my much awaited trip to Japan (first time!), and yes all of them have tips and suggestions that state – “Don’t miss Dotonbori when you’re in Osaka!”. Without a second thought, i pinned down my plans and included Osaka to my itinerary.

As soon as I reached Dontonbori, I was immediately greeted with upbeat music from one of the many shops. So I went along with the atmosphere and try to dance and strut around while checking the area.

Suddenly the hyper me felt something is grumbling… needless to say – it’s my tumtums! Errrrrr, why did I go to Dotonbori again? Street foods!!! The whole stretch screams of takoyaki, gyoza, okonomiyaki and a bunch more.

After relieving my hunger and stocking up on so much food, I walked around once again to take snaps of the famous LED billboards and surroundings. The people are so energetic and the place is bright that I failed to take note of time. I quickly changed into Cinderella mode and reminded myself… it’s time to head back to the hotel and catch on some much needed sleep!

Of course, i didn’t allow time to keep me from sampling the famous takoyaki. So I capped my visit in this very lively street by eating no less than takoyaki – as they say save the best for last! Am i disappointed? Not at all!!!

I will definitely be coming back!

Access to Dotonbori:
Walk 5 minutes from Namba Station on Subway Midosuji Line