Sagano Scenic Railway, Japan

My husband and I had the opportunity to visit Arashiyama – a district of Kyoto during spring when every tree you see blooms.  It’s really a feast for our eyes and soul! Sakura or popularly known as Cherry Blossoms is the best time of the year to visit Japan, more so, Arashimaya where Sagano Scenic Railway is.

Sagano Scenic Railway is an old fashioned sightseeing train that runs along Hozugawa River between Arashimaya and Kameoka. The slow pace ride takes about 25 minutes. It may be the slowest train ride in Japan, but trust me, it’s one of the best! One gets to enjoy a spectacular view that changes with the season, whether autumn or spring, it’ll definitely leave you speechless.

The train is well preserved from its original features since it made its first trip in 1989. Seats are made of wood, but surprisingly comfortable. Train cars are enclosed with windows that can be widely opened.

Since we did extensive research for this trip, this is on top of our ‘to do’ list. And it didn’t let us down.

Do not miss this ride especially if you’re visiting with your children as this is a good family activity. It is advisable to buy tickets ahead of time to avoid any disappointment because tickets are easily sold out especially during peak season.  Ticket per way costs ¥620 for adults and ¥310 for children.

We were able to capture the whole experience and we’re happy to share it with everyone. The video is pale in comparison when you experience it first hand, but we hope this will help you decide to give it a try.

So… sit back, relax and rail away!

How To Get Here:

From Kyoto station take the train to JR Saga-Arashiyama station and just next to it is the starting point of the scenic train – Torokko Saga Station.

Next station of the scenic train route is Arashiyama station. You may also board at this station when you are in the Bamboo Grove and Golden Pavilion area.

How To Get Back:

The scenic train will terminate at Torokko Kameoka Station. You may walk for about 5 minutes to the nearest JR station – Umahori. The train will take you back to Saga-Arashiyama or Kyoto.


April 2015