Nirwana Resort Hotel – Bintan, Indonesia

I don’t know why for some reason, I always make time to celebrate my birthday. I feel like of all the days of the year this is the best time to give in to all my wants and not thinking if it’s even necessary. Oh well, anyway birthdays only come once a year.

What’s the best way to spend a birthday weekend? Go to a spa and get all the pampering you need… treat yourself to a much deserved shopping spree… go on an out of town trip. The list could go on and on and on. For me, it would always be a resort stay plus spa!


For this year (actually last April), I then decided to go to the nearby island of Bintan, Indonesia for my spa weekend birthday. I booked at Nirwana Resort Hotel since Singtel (the mobile carrier I am using here in Singapore) is offering a discounted room rate during your birthday month.


Hopped on a one of Bintan Resort Ferries, after 50 minutes… oh hello Bintan!!! We were then picked up by hotel’s shuttle service from Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal. In less than 10 minutes we reached the resort.

The resort shows it’s hospitality by welcoming guests with a traditional dance.



Before heading to our room, we had a quick late lunch at Dino Bistro which is just right beside the hotel lobby. I especially loved their beef fajita! Beef was so chunky and savory. The tortilla wrap was a testament of cooking to perfection! I am salivating just thinking of it.



Our room is nice and comfortable, however it’s quite a walk from the reception and the rest of the resort facilities – that’s the catch of getting a discounted rate he he he.



We didn’t waste any minute, we just dropped our bags and we went out straight to the beach to explore and catch the sunset.



Before we knew it, it was time for my much awaited pampering! I arranged  for a 2-hour spa session at Anindya Spa  for myself and hubby to enjoy. Though the spa is located in another resort of the same hotel chain, the resort offers a complimentary transfer.


From the relaxing scent of the spa complex, relaxing javanese massage, soothing clay scrub up to the ginger tea ending was totally euphoric! I wish I could be transported back to my hotel room without even opening my eyes and taking a single step – but then the 5 minute car ride back didn’t dampen my blissful experience. ZzzzzZZzZzzzz.



After a deep, long and relaxing sleep… time to fill my empty stomach! Of course, another thing to look forward to in a staycation is the resort’s breakfast buffet spread. This resort actually offers a pretty extensive breakfast choices – international and local cuisine.


Adjacent to the breakfast area was the pool. To make the most out of our staycation, we didn’t pass on the chance of taking a quick dip.



Sad to say, time flies when you’re having fun. My birthday weekend is about to end and we need to quickly pack our bags and head back to the city.


Goodbye peace and quiet… big hello city!!!



We can’t afford to miss lunch so we  stopped by The Poolside and had a sumptuous meal. Bye for now, we will be back soon!


How to reach the property from Singapore:
Take ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal. For online booking, fares and schedules, click here.