Have you been to the center of the earth?

Journey to the center of the earth is the best theme park attraction I’ve experienced as of this writing. The attraction has a lot to offer, from the story behind it to the technology used that made it Disney Sea’s must experience ride.

But, i must warn you, the stand by time takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

The “journey” starts while in queue. Same with other queue systems, it was designed to give park goers bits and pieces of stories as a backgrounder.Personally, I was amazed with how much details they put into this attraction. The long queue will bore you especially when you’re alone, like me. Try to fight boredom by peeking into the working area of Captain Nemo, the geologist, and read his diary about bizarre creature underneath the earth.

Terravator is also something to look forward to. It descends you to the base station where you will board a mining vehicle. Even this one have sound and light effects that can intensify the anticipation and excitement. I actually thought it was the start of the ride.

Then there’s the the mining vehicle that can seat up to 6 persons. No arm straps or seat belts, just a pull down bar to secure you on your seat. Fret not, as there are no fast drop or 360 degree turns. The vehicle starts on a slow pace that allows you to see colorful crystals, then pass on to Mushroom forest which is inhabited by weird looking creatures. Halfway through the journey, the volcano will shake and erupt and nudge the vehicle off track. The journey continues but takes on a different path. That is where the centipede-like lava monster have nestled. From this point on, the vehicle will move in a high speed until it launched outside Mt. Prometheus.

Journey to the center of the earth is a clear evidence of Japanese craftsmanship. And this is just one of the many attractions Disney Sea has to offer. Go and Explore!

To save time, avail a fastpass ticket. Counters are found outside the attraction and sells like lightning.
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How to find your way to Mt. Prometheus:
From the Disney Sea Plaza, head on to your right and pass by Mediterranean Harbor. The entrance to the Mysterious Island is right after the bridge.