Bag of Beans Coffee Shop, Restaurant and Bakeshop

Weekends are always best enjoyed with family. Since my sister is home for the weekend we decided to have breakfast in Tagaytay to catch up and bond.

We left our house at 10:30am and reached Tagaytay in an hour and a half via Sta. Rosa road. If you frequent Tagaytay, it’s the average travel time from Sucat/Alabang with little traffic congestion in Sta. Rosa and a quick stop over at a gas station along SLEX. Nonetheless, it was fast. When we reached Tagaytay, it was just in time for lunch. (wait, you thought its breakfast? I did too)

For me, one of the best places to have breakfast (or any meal) in Tagaytay is at Bag of Beans. The place is ideal for catching up session with family or friends, it’s quiet and cozy. I love the ambiance and rustic feel of the place which made our dining experience relaxing and enjoyable. We were fortunate to have occupied a gazebo that can seat 6-8 persons. As an artsy person, I appreciate how they conceptualize the overall look of the place. Everywhere I look, gives me an idea on how to decorate with stuff as simple as a mason jar.

Bag of Beans have 3 branches along Aguinaldo Highway. We always go to their original branch though. Located at Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City.

More than the experience and the place itself, the food they serve is also great. Since my mind is set for pancakes and coffee for breakfast, I ordered the Sunrise Pancake meal, upgraded my pancakes to Blueberry, just added P50, and of course a cup of barako coffee. Breakfast for lunch? Why not! We also ordered 4 sets of Tanigue, Tuna Belly and Pork Steaks, Filet Mignon, and Porkchop Scallopini,. All are equally tasty!

If you want a hefty meal, you can opt for their buffet meal. The rate depends on the time you arrive. Breakfast buffet starts from 6:30 am to 11:00am costs around P395 + 10% charge, if you came in between 11am to 3pm, rate is P495 + 10%. Unfortunately, no option for dinner buffet.

We went to Tagaytay without an itinerary except for Bag of Beans. So, before leaving, we searched in the internet for some recommendations, and taahdaaah! Puzzle Mansion came up, it was just a few meters away from where we at. There was no objection from the group, so that was our next stop!