Amusement Park or Nature Park? Coney Island – Singapore

When you hear people talk about Coney Island, first thing that comes to mind is amusement park – rides, cotton candy, flavored soda and character balloons.  On the contrary, Singapore’s very own Coney Island, located in the northeastern coast, is a quiet nature park. It is also known as Pulau Serangoon.

For some time I have this lingering question at the back  of my mind – how did this park get its name? Apparently, a rich Indian businessman bought this land in the 1950s with the vision of turning it into an amusement park similar to the one in the USA, hence the name Coney Island Park.

Unfortunately, the businessman was penalized for corruption and the plan wasn’t realized. It was then closed to public. The locals were very happy that nature wasn’t altered. As it re-opened its doors last October 2015, the neighborhood still have the same peaceful 50 hectare breathing space in the midst of the urban jungle.

5 Things to See and Do:

I find happiness in nature photography and this park has some photo worthy spots. Its natural beach pockets manifest a rustic charm that one can easily get engrossed while taking snaps.

1. Enjoy Lush Greenery

The park is blessed with diverse flora and fauna. A boardwalk was built to give visitors access to the mangrove area and and the forest.


2.  Active Exploration

For fitness enthusiast, you can either go for a walk, jog and ride a bike. Its main path is shared so better take extra precaution for people on wheels. If you don’t have your own bike, a rental shop is available at Punggol Settlement about 500m from the west entrance.


3. Bird Watching

It’s a good place to get to know the resident fowl friends. The park have some steel structures covered partly with vines intended for bird watching.


4. An Area For the Young and Young at Heart

Eco-friendly playground made possible with the use of uprooted Casuarina trees which are abundant in the area. Kids of all ages and even adults can climb, hop and lounge around.



5. Get to Know the Resident Cow

There is a resident cow roaming freely in the park and you need a lot of luck to to be able to  encounter this shy and gentle creature.

Helpful Information

Admission: FREE!!!

Park Opening Hours: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

How to reach the park:

Take bus 84 from Punggol Interchange and alight at Punggol Point Park/Punggol Settlement. About 500m from the bus stop is the park’s West Entrance.

More Photos to Enjoy

You may also visit our Flickr album.


Here is our video of Coney Island.